Our Team

Team ETREC consists of qualified and experienced counselors and consultants who have built a strong liaison with Canadian Academic Institutions, Training Centres and Employers to bring effective services to its clients.

We offer expert advise to explore possibilities and make valuable based choices in a rapidly evolving and challenging environment. Our commitment to build careers is unique – and is reflected in the quality of our work.

Taranum Khan

Taranum Khan, the founder of ETREC is a multifaceted professional with exceptionally progressive experience in leading education administration, management, instruction, the non-profit sector, and career services. Her passion is creating positive impact on career and academic journey of the lives she touches, locally and globally. Every conversation with her is uplifting and inspiring as she inverts the focus for you to rediscover the strengths within you!

She believes in leading by example and loves her work of creating possibilities in Career – Education – Change – Branding – Training – Public Speaking – Networking – Social Media and LinkedIn Strategy. Taranum is known to be a STAR net-worker and her mantra is, “I am here to help professionals build meaningful networks by sharing opportunities and that’s my way of giving back to the community.”

She has been conducting one-on-one career sessions, podcasts, video series, and talk shows on TV, Radio, and Online.

Career and Student Services: Certified Career Strategist and Ambassador, Career Professionals of Canada. In 2017 she received the nomination for Award of Excellence as an Outstanding Career Professional. She is also certified in 360Reach and as a College Planning Consultant. Her work is focused on supporting youth, students and professionals in transition to make informed academic and
career choices.

Education Management and Administration: Impactful administration in various roles and capacities at the University of Jammu. Supervised and Lead operation of 3 University departments; monitored over 75 staff, annually catered to approx.100, 000 students, affiliate UG Colleges and PG Departments. Responsible for HR, PR, marketing, admissions, eligibility determination, recruitment, registration, examination, coding, evaluation, project management, certification, quality assurance, and liaison. After 10 years of trailblazing career with the University of Jammu in various capacities relocated to Canada in 2011.

Instruction and Facilitation: Presently, Facilitator for Humber College SCAPE Program’s Career Planning and LinkedIn Sessions,  Faculty (PT)  at Seneca College, Toronto, and more. She started with teaching part-time IGNOU classes at Presentation Convent Jammu, followed by Bachelors’s and Masters’s courses at the Department of Distance Learning, University of Jammu. She is merited for developing an extremely successful and popular, “Improve Your English and Personality Development” course for The Centre of Continuing and Adult Education Her Ph.D. centered on Canadian Fiction in English with published papers and Masters was focused on studying world Literature; British, American, Canadian, African, Australian and Commonwealth. The Bachelor’s Degree concentrated on English Language and Literature, Education and Political Science. She also has a Diploma in Teaching of English as a Second Language. Close interactions with faculty throughout my student life, ignited in her the desire to be a facilitator of learning and the belief in lifelong learning which is demonstrated in her consistent effort to upgrade knowledge and skills while sharing empathetically with learners. She remains an active scholar with published research papers in books and journals along with numerous presentations at International Conferences.

Non-profit: Working at the grass-root in the community has always been a passion; issues impacting women, youth and mental health remain her areas of focus. She has strong ties to the sector in Jammu and Kashmir and in India as a whole. With that she also has a solid understanding of the community needs, gaps and social services landscape in GTA Involvement for her started at an early age. She made it her business to stand up to challenge when she saw something wrong, However, the first formal role to work for the cause of women came with the responsibility as a representative in the committee against sexual harassment of Women Research Scholars at the University. Moving forward she worked to support in-field extension work through Population Education, Awareness and Minority Community Units and provided support as Liaison for Centre for Culture, Communication and Comparative Literature-
the University of Jammu as point of contact for the International Faculty and High Commission of Canada, India.  She spends countless hours supporting the community through organization based roles such as Ambassador, Career Professionals of Canada; Volunteer Mentor at Region of Peel; Board Member, Regional Diversity RoundTable, Peer Facilitator, Interm Place’s “Her Life Her Canvas and through individual initiatives such as Host for LinkedIn Local, Board Director- Canada, Global Goodwill Ambassadors and Public Speaking engagements for motivation to focus on career growth.

Stakeholder Relationships: Well known to be; Realtor, Connector, Achiever and passionate to build relationships with proven
success in initiating and fostering collaborative partnerships in education settings and the nonprofit sector.

Leadership Style: Taranum lives and breathes, “Leading by example” in personal and professional life. She explores every possible opportunity to challenge norms, adopt a nonjudgmental approach, and march forward to make the way. Above all, she is an advocate of humanism and possibilities.

Desire:  The indigenous culture and practices captivate her and she hopes to belong to the Canadian landscape in an Indigenous way.

Our Values



Achievement – Our success lies in your achievement.


Service Excellence – Professionalism and empathy in service is our promise.


Client Focus – Provide exceptional individualized service.